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What is Club Jumpforth?

Club Jumpforth is a Multi-Volume Interactive 'Zine  project inspired by 90's multimedia software and CD-Rom cover disks and samplers devoted to showcase art, games, animations, music, stories and more from the modern web as a way to celebrate passion, experimentation and self-discovery.

This simplistic presentation that I cobbled together is developed with Macromedia Director along with other free, old, and commercial software that I have available, including Serif DrawPlus for the logo and interface.

How did you decide on making this pitch?

Simple: I wanted to see if anyone's interested on the 90s CD-ROM cover disk-inspired project. Although I would like to warn you right now, there might be some grammar issues and typos in this interactive presentation along with the quality of my compressed (for appropriateness) recordings.

Where do I find you for Updates on the Project?

I'm usually on Twitter where I mostly post art here and my Neocities page where the site would be updated occasionally.

Install instructions

Just open the projector, "launchme.exe"



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